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APIs & Connectors

Welcome to the APIs & Connectors discussion forum – your collaborative space for conversations centered around Visier’s data integration and interfacing capabilities. Here, you can share your experiences, seek advice, and discuss best practices related to Visier’s powerful connectors and APIs.


Official updates related to Alpine, the Visier Developer Platform, and more!

Visier Analytics for Jira

Welcome to the Visier Analytics for Jira discussion forum! This is the place for sharing insights, tips, and experiences with maximizing software development productivity using Visier Analytics within Jira. Engage in conversations about visualizing team capacity, improving resource planning, and gaining visibility of project progress.


Got feedback for Alpine or its APIs? Start a discussion here on how you’d like to see it improve.

Report Bugs

Welcome to the Report Bugs category – your essential platform for reporting and discussing any issues or glitches you encounter with Visier’s development tools. Here, we encourage you to contribute by highlighting technical problems, unexpected behavior, or any discrepancies found within Visier products such as Visier Alpine, data connectors, and APIs.